About Dalton Stevens

Background:  I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University. I am a sociologist specializing in disability, the life course, medical sociology, sex and gender, social policy, and qualitative and mixed methods. My dissertation focuses on how young adults with disability make the transition to adulthood. I am currently collecting survey and interview data for my dissertation project. Please navigate to the dissertation page for details on the project and an opportunity to participate in my research. I have published research on the transition to adulthood in Research in Social Science and Disability: New Narratives of Disability. I also research mortality patterns of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, published in BMJ:OPEN, Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, and Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion of Syracuse University Research Brief Series. Professor Madonna Harrington Meyer is my advisor, and we have a forthcoming piece on Medicaid for People with Disability.  

Contact Information:  Phone: 309-267-7644   –  Email: jdsteven@syr.edu   –   Office: 318 Lyman Hall (Aging Studies Institute)